Titanic // Jenson

Jennifer was feeling pretty worn out today, but she needed some kind of pick me up, something to make her smile. She had woken up with a hangover, and spent the day in the bathroom, throwing up whatever was in her stomach, and popping tylenol like it was pills. She was happy that she wasn’t exactly feeling much pain right now. The only pain surging through her arms and her head. She hated things right now. Once she was done with the torment of last night she crawled back into her bed and sighed, wondering how she even ended up back in her bed. She was just fully confused about what happened last night.

When Jason and her planned to watch a movie together her she smiled, knowing that because she was in pain, he was going to be nicer to her. That’s all that she needed. She needed someone to nice her, just this once. Everything has been so clouded for her. Rachel, Jeremy, nothing made since.  After about a half an hour she pulled herself out of bed and showered and took the DVD and it’s player, not to mention a small generator since the castle had no electricity, she was done. She simply remembered all the tips and tricks to fix herself up. How she promised that she would stop, stop her from doing this every night. But now all those were memories. Memories faded to black. 

She snapped out of it and finished up getting dressed, clad in a pair of jeans and a simple shirt, she slipped on her flats and a sweater, grabbing the equipment and a box it chocolate frogs and heading out her door. Walking out of her dorm, through the Hufflepuff common. Passing the the empty hallways, she stopped at the Gryffindor common. Luckily a familiar 2nd year let her in. Not recalling the familiar face she shrugged it off and continued on. Talking a left down the hallway of the male dorms she came across Jason’s room.

Taking the door knob in her hand, the room was empty. She let herself in as she looked around the deserted room. “Jason?” Looking behind her she could see steam coming from the bathroom. Smiling as she put down her belongings as layed down. She was a sap for classics and he had never seen it. It was only around 7 as she dosed off for a moment or two. Only to be woken up by Jason. Blinking a few times, her vision still blurry.

It would still be an evening for the record books.